Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shape Builder

A shout out today for the creators of the iPhone app Shape Builder.  At 5:15am, a cry out from our 28 month old son Daniel can be a rude awakening.  "Game, game, play game... " is the mantra while the coffee (and his bottle of milk!) is poured.... Daniel is referring to the slew of games for preschoolers offered in the iTunes App store... his recent favorite is Shape Builder, created by Touch Screen PreSchool Games.  An amazingly simple jigsaw game, the user finds the proper piece and drags it into place on the diagram.  Nice audio too... the puzzles appear in random order and we usually end up playing until we reach the helicopter...  a free version is available with a limited number of shapes, the full version is just $1.99.  Check it out!

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